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Viewing Site Forms
View Attachments & Associations on Site Forms
View Attachments & Associations on Site Forms

This article helps you understand how to view form attachments and associations on site forms.

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Additional options are available while viewing attachments and associations on form types enabled for 'Sites' module including the standard 'Defects' and 'Site Tasks' forms. Such forms are classified here as 'Site Forms' for reference.

Attachments and associations on such forms (i.e. site forms) support thumbnail view. To get a larger view, click on image thumbnail of the attachment which opens that attachment file in viewer as a separate browser tab.

With thumbnail view of site forms attachment, a location pin is displayed on bottom right side if location details are available for the selected form.

Note: To enable capturing the location details on your project, you need to first enable project setting that allows capturing geotagging information i.e. set 'Enable Geotagging' to 'Yes'.

By clicking on the location pin on thumbnail of site forms attachment, it displays a 'Google Maps' view with a pin highlighting the location selected by user along-with related geotag information like latitude, longitude and altitude. Additionally, it includes name of user who captured the image with date and time stamp of when it was captured.

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