Check Progress on a Workflow Instance

Learn how to check progress of a workflow instance on your project in Asite.

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Users on Asite having required role privilege 'Can Access Audit Information' can check progress on workflow instances in projects based on access.

Follow the steps for navigating to workflow instances then go to the particular workflow instance on which you need to check progress.

Upon right click of a workflow instance, you get an option 'Progress' clicking on which you are able to view the progress of selected workflow instance.

Relevant information is displayed at the top including workflow name, workflow status on the object it was applied, start date and time, end date and time (as applicable).

To understand the legends (colors) used for different workflow objects on 'Workflow Status' screen, mouse hover on 'i' (info) icon which will open a popup.

It will show all the available legends and what they refer to, for both incomplete or completed tasks.

To maximize or minimize the view, click on 'Maximize' or 'Minimize' option available at top right and vice versa.

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