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Associate aMessages of a File open in Viewer and Create a Form
Updated over a week ago

1. Follow the steps to view existing aMessages on a file open in viewer (See steps 1 to 3).

2. Select one or more file aMessages (comments) to associate by clicking on the profile picture (with your image or the initials of your name) showing against each of them.

3. Once done with selecting the required comments to associate, click on 'Create Form' icon available at top right side.

4. A list of active form types will populate based on relevant form settings configuration. Click on one of the form types to create that particular type of form. You can also enter a keyword to search for required form type by 'Form Name', 'Form Code' and 'Project Name'.

5. The interface to create form will appear. Certain options may only be available based on relevant form settings configuration. Associated file comments will appear at the bottom of 'Create Form' screen.

6. Enter required details as per form design. Click here for detailed help on how to create a form and learn about available additional options while doing so (See steps 5 and 6).

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