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Edit File open in Viewer using Microsoft Office for the Web

This article helps you understand how to edit your files created in Microsoft Office using Microsoft Office for the Web.

Updated over a week ago

Asite's integration with Microsoft Office for the web allows its users to view and edit their project files created in Microsoft Office applications - like Word (in .DOCX file format only), Excel (in .XLSX file format only), Powerpoint (in .PPTX file format only). Any such changes made are saved as a draft automatically and can be published as a new file revision in the same project folder later whenever required.

Note: This is an add-on feature and will have commercial costs involved. Please speak with your Asite point of contact for more information.

Files can also be viewed or edited by one or more than one user at the same time via multi-user coauthoring supported with this integration. Accordingly, if a user is editing a file and some other user is editing that same file at the same time, they will get an indication via the mouse cursor icon about the changes being made by other user.

Click here for further details about Asite + Microsoft Office for the Web Integration including prerequisites, system requirements and how it works.

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