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Export to Excel in Listing Areas
Export to Excel in Listing Areas

This article helps you to export to MS Excel in all listing areas.

Updated this week

Users on Asite with required role privileges can export listed details across all tabs with listing view.

Below are the steps to export data in listing view:

1. Navigate to the required tab in Asite.

2. Click on 'Export' button on right hand side above the listing pages.
3. Select the appropriate option either 'Export with Current Fields' or 'Export with All Fields'.

4. Once the export to excel is complete, you will see a new MS excel file open up. (Click 'Yes' when prompted to open the MS excel file).

5. In similar way, listing records across all tabs can be exported in MS excel file format for further use. Export from Files/Forms listing areas is supported in XLSX format.

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