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Folder Options on a Project
Copy a Folder Structure in a Project
Copy a Folder Structure in a Project

This article helps you understand how to copy an existing folder structure within your Asite project.

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Users on Asite can copy a set of existing folders to replicate the same folder structure within a project saving a lot of time involved in adding folders manually. Please follow below steps to copy folder structure:

1. Navigate to 'Files' tab and do a right click on the topmost folder of the folder structure which is to be copied.
2. Select 'Copy' and then select sub option 'Folder Structure'.

3. On 'Copy Folder Structure' screen left side select the sub-folders using the available checkboxes.

4. Confirm which folder permissions you need to copy along with the folders at bottom left of 'Copy Folder Structure' popup. You can also choose to copy folder metadata if applicable.

5. Click on 'Continue' to proceed.

6. Select the destination folder from the folder tree and click 'Continue' to proceed further.

7. Once the selected folders are copied and replicated along with selected permissions, you will see a confirmation on screen.

8. You can now navigate to destination folder in 'Files' tab and see that the new folders with selected folder permissions are now copied.

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