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Publish File on a Project
Upload a File using Drag and Drop Option
Upload a File using Drag and Drop Option

This article helps you understand how to upload files via drag and drop.

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Users on Asite can quickly drag and drop files from local device storage into Asite to upload it to an application folder.


Permission as mentioned below, on the project folder in which a file is to be uploaded:

  • To upload or publish files, 'Publish' or 'Publish & Link' or 'Admin' permission.
    โ€‹Folder permissions defined at default level or at role level can be over-ridden. Click here for detailed help (See point 4).

Below are the steps to upload a file using drag and drop option:

1. Navigate to project and destination folder where files need to be uploaded. This option validates for your permission to upload new files to the folder.

2. Once folder is selected, you can directly drag a file to Asite. A drop area will be triggered automatically on the screen as shown below.

3. Once you drop the files in the specified area, the file uploading process is initiated.

In case the folder selected for upload is enabled for simple upload, the files selected

for upload will be uploaded directly.

In case the folder selected for upload is not enabled for simple upload, the 'Upload' window will populate allowing you to enter file attribute details. At this stage, you can upload more files by clicking on 'Select Files' or you can stop uploading one or more of the selected files by clicking on icon opposite the name of selected file.

Note: Upload of file revisions may depend upon whether the 'Revision Upload' activity is locked or unlocked for the existing file (with same document reference) / if the file is checked out by some other user having access to the selected folder.

4. Capture file details i.e. doc ref, revision no., doc title, purpose of issue, status, revision notes, upload secondary file as well as enter additional details if applicable.
Select the box to mark file as private. A file which is marked as private can only be accessed by:
(a) file publisher and
(b) folder administrator and
(c) users to whom file was distributed and
(d) users to whom file visibility was specifically assigned

5. You have an option to copy the doc ref as doc title for the files that are being uploaded, by clicking on icon.

6. Click on icon to apply same value of an attribute to multiple files.

Check: FAQs

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