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Upload Files in Bulk via MS Excel Plug-in
Upload Files in Bulk via MS Excel Plug-in

This help article describes how to bulk upload through the Asite MS excel plug-in.

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Users on Asite can bulk upload revisions of files directly to Asite using the MS Excel plug-in.

1. Open MS Excel file and in the Asite tab select 'Never' option for 'Save to Asite'.

To use 'Save to Asite' feature instead of bulk upload, click here for more help on MS excel plug-in (Navigator).

2. Click on 'User Login' option and provide the login credentials.

3. Click on 'Select Workspace' button next to 'User Login' and select the desired project.

4. Define the file naming convention for files to be uploaded. Click 'Add' for new field and then click on 'Modify' and 'Remove' to modify and remove respectively.

Existing naming conventions are visible after clicking 'Naming Convention', and if there are no existing conventions create a new one.

5. Selecting files, click on 'Add Files' or 'Add Folder'. 'Add Files' allows you to select files to be uploaded from your device. 'Add Folder' allows you to select folder on your device containing files to be uploaded.
Point to keep in mind is the files should be named as per the naming convention selected. Click on 'Add Files' / 'Add Folder' and select the files / folder containing files to be uploaded.

6. File attributes will be auto selected and captured in the excel sheet.

7. Click on 'Retrieve Metadata' to retrieve the metadata of selected files from their previous revisions which are already uploaded to Asite.

If there is no default folder selected, then please select one. Default folders can be different for files or same folder can be applied to all files.

8. Click on 'Prepare Upload' to prepare MS excel file for uploading. Once prepared, system will prompt you with the file location on your device.

9. Login to Asite Web Application and in 'Files' tab, navigate to project and folder selected in excel described above.
10. On files listing area, click on 'Upload' dropdown at top right and select 'Files' to upload files to Asite. This option validates for your permission to upload new files to the selected folder.
11. The listing page displays a page with upload window.

12. Select the files to be uploaded and drag them to the upload area or click 'Select Files' button to browse and select required files.

Upload of file revisions may depend upon whether the 'Revision Upload' activity is locked or unlocked for the existing file (with same doc ref). While uploading multiple files at a time, the files which have 'Revision Upload' file activity locked will be filtered out automatically.

13. Click on icon to download MS excel template for importing file attribute details and save it on your computer.

14. Open the downloaded excel template file. First sheet of the excel file shows 'Notes' which gives the important information about uploading files.

15. Capture required details of the files to be uploaded in the second sheet - named 'Import-Data' and save the file.

16. Return back to file upload screen of Asite.

17. Click on icon to upload the updated MS excel file. The 'Import from Excel' screen will appear.

18. Drag and drop the updated MS excel file or click 'Browse' to select the file manually. Once done, click 'Import'.

19. Details of the files captured in excel sheet are updated on the user interface. Click on 'Select Files' to modify the file selection if required. You can also edit the file attribute details directly from user interface at this step.

20. Click on 'Upload' to upload files with attributes.

21. The activity center displays the progress of file uploads. Activity center screen automatically closes once all the files are uploaded successfully.

22. In case, selected files already exist in the folder then all the attributes will be automatically pre-populated. The attributes will be included in the upload of the revision.

Check: FAQs

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