Send User Invitations in a Project

This article helps you understand how to send and manage user invitations in your projects.

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Role privilege as mentioned below, on the project in which user invitations are to be sent:

Below are the steps to invite users in a project:

1. In 'Projects' area, navigate to the project where user invitation needs to be sent.

2. Right click on the required project and select 'Roles & Users' then select 'User Invitations'.

Alternately, in the thumb view, do a mouse hover on the project thumbnail and click on icon. A layered page opens. Click on 'User Invitations'.

2. A layered page appears. Enter required details including name and email address details of the user to be invited to the project.

3. While entering details within First name/Last Name/Email, if system finds any matching registered user, it will be displayed as auto-suggestion for Admin to select & fill rest of the user details.

4. You can also draft a custom message for the invitation that you are extending.

5. Roles for the selected project need to be assigned to users while inviting them.

6. Click on 'Invite' button to send the invitation. The invited user will receive an email invitation with a link to accept or reject the invitation.
โ€‹To understand how users can respond to your invitation, click here.

7. To check the status of the invitation/s sent, you need to click on 'Status' option on the left hand side.

A user invitation can be canceled or resent by clicking on 'Cancel' or 'Resend' buttons against that particular invitation record, as long as it is neither accepted nor rejected.

If the status of a user invitation shows as 'Accepted - Pending Org Assignment', it means user needs to be assigned to an organization. To assign user/s to your organization, contact your Asite Professional Services Consultant / drop an email to Asite Support.

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