Assign Proxy Access to Users on a Project

This article helps you understand how to assign proxy access to users in your projects.

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Role privilege as mentioned below, on the project in which proxy access is to be defined:

Proxy user functionality enables users to access project on behalf of other users. This can be used for the following scenarios:

Holiday Cover - Proxy user can undertake tasks while normal user is away.

Personal Assistant - Proxy user can receive and task items on behalf of the normal user.

Note: The project admin options are not available when logged in as a proxy user i.e. on behalf of another user.

Below are the steps to assign proxy access on a project:

1. In 'Projects' area, navigate to the project where proxy access needs to be assigned.

2. Right click on the required project and select 'Roles & Users' then select 'User Roles and Access'.

Alternately, in the thumb view, do a mouse hover on the project thumbnail and click on icon. A layered page opens. Click on 'User Roles and Access'.

2. It shows the existing project roles with an ability to create new roles and assign existing or new roles to users, organizations and user groups.

3. To assign proxy access to any existing project user, click on the name of that particular user against any of the listed roles.

4. On the 'Manage User Details' page, define the user type - online user or paper user. Selecting 'Online User' will allow you to select specific dates for proxy user access, while selecting 'Paper User' will allow you to provide proxy user access for an indefinite period i.e. proxy user access will continue until not manually removed.

Paper user option can be used when you want the user to take actions as a representative of a group of people, like a 'Procurement Team'. Such actions will appear as if it were performed by 'Procurement Team' i.e. a specific group of people, though in reality it was executed by a specific user.

Paper users are like online workflow users except that they are tagged as paper users indicated as [P]. Paper Users can be tagged as online users or existing online users may be tagged as Paper Users within the project lifecycle. A paper user's proxy can be assigned for indefinite time period to specific user.

5. Click on 'Add Proxy User' button to add a blank record. Multiple proxy users can be set for a particular online or paper user.

6. Click in the 'Users' box and select the required user from the list of users displayed for every blank record.

7. Check the 'Bulk Apply' box to use the bulk apply options.

8. 'Always' option will be enabled only when paper user is selected in the user type. If ticked, selected users will remain proxy users until manually removed.

Irrespective of the selected user type, you can select the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' for all the records and click on 'Apply to All' button to apply same dates for all records. Different start and end dates can also be selected for different records.

Proxy users can be assigned in two ways:

For a fix duration of time (Selected Dates) - This can be done by specifying the start date and end date. The selected user will be assigned proxy access for the defined time period. Once the end date is reached, the user will be automatically removed as a proxy user. Both online and paper users can be assigned proxy for a fix duration.

For an indefinite duration (Always) - Once a user is assigned as proxy by checking the 'Always' box, the user will remain proxy until manually removed. Only paper users can be assigned proxy users this way.

9. Check the 'Forward Copy of Email' button against selected or all proxy users to ensure notification emails pertaining to this project in Asite reaches the proxy users.

10. Click 'Save' to complete assigning proxy users for any project user.

11. Click on 'Save' again on 'Manage Roles' page to complete assigning proxy user.

12. Proxy users will inherit the privileges and permissions assigned to the online / paper user upon user selection under 'Switch User' functionality. All tasks that you perform under proxy user access will be logged in audit history and will be considered as performed on behalf of the selected proxy user.

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