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This article explains how to edit a task and explains the different statuses a task can be assigned.

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Users who are able to view a group task will be able to edit that particular task. Below are the steps to edit a task:

1. From the tasks listing, click on a group task record to edit its details.

Alternatively, a group task can also be edited directly from the tasks listing under 'My Tasks'.

2. A popup screen will appear allowing you to edit the selected task.

Below is a description of the various icons available on a task created from 'Tasks' tab:


Field Name


Complete Task

Quick option to complete task and change task status to 'Completed'.

This icon will show disabled if task status is already completed.

Completed tasks will show with a strike-through mark in the tasks listing as shown below (not applicable for project tasks):

Group Task

Indicates that this task is on a group.

- To Do /

- Open /

- In Progress /

- Cancelled /

- On Hold /

- Completed /

- Archived


To view / change task status.

Mouse hover on this icon to view current task status as tooltip.

- Normal /

- High /

- Critical


To view / change task priority.

Mouse hover on this icon to view current task priority as tooltip.


Displays task history.

Edit Task

To edit task details. You can change the due date, change assignee, edit task title, change task priority, change task status, upload attachments, add a task description or send an aMessage on given task.


Displays task location. This field cannot be edited.


To view / change task assignee.

Due Date

To view / change task due date.


To edit task description.


To view existing / upload a new attachment for this task.


To send new aMessages / reply to existing aMessages on this task.

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