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This article helps you understand how to add sites in a project

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Users on Asite having required privilege can add, edit and remove sites.

To understand how to import sites and locations using an excel template, click here.

Sites & locations need to be added as per the below example:

If you need to add locations and calibrate the first floor plan of tower A and the first floor comprises of kitchen, drawing room and bed room then:

1. First of all, add a site with name 'Tower A' and then

2. Add locations like 'First Floor', 'Second Floor' and so on. Now within first floor you can create sub locations for 'Kitchen', 'Drawing Room' and 'Bed Room' under the first floor location and upload first floor plan drawing in PDF format against first floor location

3. Now you can calibrate all the sub locations like kitchen, drawing room and bed room with the plan uploaded against first floor location

4. Further if you need to divide the kitchen area into two zones i.e. east and west then you need to add another sub locations namely 'East' and 'West' under the kitchen location and you can calibrate these zones on the plan (ideally within the kitchen area only)

Below are the steps to add a site:

1. Navigate to 'Sites' tab, the left hand panel will show a list of all projects, right click on the required project and select 'Add Site' option.

2. Key in the name for site which you are adding and click on 'Create' button.

3. Newly added site will be visible under the project name.

4. To remove a site from a project, do a right click on that site and select 'Remove' option and then select 'Remove Site' option.

5. Confirm your action of deletion by clicking 'OK' to complete deleting the site.

6. Similarly to edit any site, select the 'Edit' option to do required changes. Click 'Update' to complete editing the site.

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