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This article helps you understand how to raise a new defect form.

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Users on Asite having required privileges can create / raise a defect directly from web application, apart from 'Adoddle Field' app.

Detailed help is as mentioned below:

1. Go to 'Sites' tab and select the project in which a defect is to be raised.

2. Select the site and its location or sub location where you need to raise a defect.

3. Now click on location plan icon available at the top to access the drawing view.

4. In the drawing view, click on + icon available at the top and then click on the exact drawing area where defect is to be raised.

5. Select the form type 'Defect'. It will allow you to raise a defect i.e. create a defect. The 'Recent Apps' displays list of form types recently used (maximum of 5) in last 30 days for form creation, if any.

6. Key in the required details to proceed further.

Details required are:

Title - To enter defect title.

Type - To select a type for the defect you are creating.

Description - To enter a description for the defect you are creating.

Start Date - To select a defect start date for this particular defect. Current date will be selected by default.

Expected Due Days - To enter number of days in which this defect is expected to be resolved by the assignee.

Assign To - To select a user from the given list for assigning this defect.

7. Location icon - To select a location from available options in dropdown. In case the selected location is already calibrated, the location details will be pre-filled. Click here for detailed help on how to select a location for the form if required.

8. Distribute icon - To initiate distribution of this form. Click here for detailed help on how to distribute this form.

9. Attachment icon - To attach images, documents, audio or video recording files to this defects form. Click here for detailed help on how to attach external files to this form.

10. Verify the details once and click 'Send' to create the defect.

11. Newly created defect will appear in the listing as a defect.

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