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Planner More Options

This article explains the additional options available to users with the required project level privilege's within the planner.

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Users on Asite having required project level privilege 'Can View Quality Test Plan' can access more options in the Planner view. More Options can include assigning or removing visibility on the inspection planner, switching from extended view to summary view and vice versa, seeing the percentage completion of activities by site or location or sub-location, setting planned start date and end date for the plan as required.

There is also a icon available next to Planner More Options. Clicking on it will refresh the inspection plan. If you performed an activity and then refresh the planner, you can also view activities performed by other users during the same time period if any.

Click on the 'Export' dropdown (next to icon) to get option for exporting the plan as an excel spreadsheet.

If you need to import the plan dates using an excel template, click on the 'Import' dropdown, go to the first option 'Download Planned Dates Template' to download an excel template. In the template that you downloaded, enter your planned dates for each location and activities on the plan as applicable by following the instructions provided in the file, then save the changes. Check for any validation issues by clicking on the 'Validate' option provided in the excel file and prepare the sheet for import. Once done, to import the template containing all the planned dates that you had filled, go back to the same plan and click on 'Import' dropdown and select 'Import Planned Dates' option.

The 'Default View' option, if selected in dropdown at top right of the plan, won't show any planned date or actual date if applicable on the plan. Switching to 'Planned Date' view or 'Actual Date' view from this dropdown will show the planned date or actual dates as applicable on selected plan.

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Assign or Remove Visibility

The option for 'Visibility' is available only if the project settings allow object level visibility of private information.

If you have the role privilege 'Can Edit Visibility of Objects', you will find the option 'Visibility' under Planner More Options.

Assigning Visibility

Clicking on 'Visibility', the screen to assign visibility for selected plan will appear as shown below.

Click on 'To' field to select users, distribution groups, roles or organizations to assign visibility.

Click 'Save' button to complete assigning the visibility on selected file.

1. Selecting a distribution group, a role or an organization is treated as an object.

2. Objects (i.e. Distribution Groups/Roles/Organization) will be automatically assigned visibility when file is distributed using the object.

3. Any new users added to that object will automatically get visibility on the file. Any users having visibility via that object will lose visibility (i.e. Access) if they are removed from that object.

4. Visibility can be edited using the same steps. All Users/Distribution Groups/Roles/Organizations having visibility will be pre-populated.

Removing Visibility

While Editing Visibility a icon against the existing distribution group, role or organization, will be available. Clicking on the same will remove visibility of the same.

Note: Removing visibility of an object/user will remove that user/object from visibility option, however their actual access on the file will be based on any/all of the condition stated above.

Summary View

By default, you can see the extended view of inspection plan (also called as Planner). Here you see the locations added to the plan along-with the activities that can be applicable for each location.
Click on the 'Summary View' option under 'More Options' to view summary of the selected inspection plan. See an example below:

It displays summary of inspection plan which includes number of hold points, number of closed, pending and in progress activities as applicable.

Location Percentage

Click on the 'Show Location Percentage' option to view percentage of the selected inspection plan. See an example below:

It displays activity completion percentage of the selected inspection plan for each site, location or sub location as applicable.

Set/Remove Planned Dates

Click on 'Set Planned Dates' to set a planned start date and end date for selected plan.

Select required dates then click 'Save' option available at bottom right side to apply the changes.

Based on the planned date range selected using the option as explained above, you can further set planned dates for each location and activity as applicable on plan, as well as remove them if planned dates are already defined. To do this, mouseover on the relevant location or activity in the plan and select 'Set Planned Dates ' or 'Remove Planned Dates' as applicable.

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