Incidents Assessment
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The 08 Incidents Assessment form is auto-created and not visible to the Contractor. It is a unique key to track all the compensation events. Every time you create any of the compensation event forms (04 PMs Instruction / 05 NCE by Contractor / 06 NCE by PM / 07 Instruction to Submit Quotation), it will create a new 08 Incidents Assessment form automatically. This is used for tracking information on the form that was raised - For e.g. when it was raised, when is the due date for Project Manager or Contractor, when is the due date for quotation submission or reply, etc..

View Existing '08 Incidents Assessment'

To open an existing '08 Incidents Assessment' form for viewing, click on the form title from relevant listing area. The form will open in view mode as shown below.

Click here for detailed help on Form Viewer Options.

This form is showing details related to selected incident, like the related early warnings, related compensation events, related quotations raised, related reply time extensions raised.

Click on the contract number to view related contract details. Similarly, click on any of the form id's with hyperlink to open related form as applicable.

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