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This is a type of form used by Project Manager for raising new compensation events on a contract.

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A. Create New '06 NCE by PM'

It can be created by users in Project Manager role by going to 'Project Forms' or 'Contracts' area as applicable.

Expand the 'C. Compensation Event Process' group and select '06 NCE by PM' type.

Click on '+ Create Form' to create a new '06 NCE by PM'.

B. Enter Details for '06 NCE by PM'

This is where you enter details of the new compensation event. Below is a description of the available fields:

B1. Contract Search

To use the search options available - contract code and contract description - to search the contract for which new compensation event is to be raised. This would be specifically helpful in cases when you have a long list of contracts and you need to filter out the required contract from the list.

B2. Contract

To select the contract for which new compensation event is to be raised. You cannot proceed further with this form without selecting a contract. Based on the contract selected, some of the information may get auto-filled in the form.

B3. To Contractor

To select the user for sending this compensation event.

B4. Section

To select the section applicable in the contract for this new compensation event. Click here for detailed help on contract sections.

B5. User Ref

To enter details for user reference. This is an optional field.

B6. Early Warning Register reference (if given)

To select the early warning record of the selected contract with which the new compensation event will be linked.

B7. Subject

This will be auto filled based on the value that you selected under 'Early Warning Register reference'.

B8. The details of the event are as follows

To enter details of the event as applicable.

B9. Select Clause(s)

To search and select the contract clauses in relation to this compensation event. Use the radio button to select the applicable contract clause and add to the list (one at a time). To add multiple clauses, repeat the same process by selecting a different clause every time.

B10. This Compensation Event relates the following clauses

This will list out the clauses that you selected under 'Select Clause(s)'.

At the bottom of this section, you can select the checkbox options if a quotation for this compensation event has already been submitted as well as applicable clauses if any.

B11. Project Manager's Comments

To enter any specific comments applicable for this new compensation event.

Entering Reference Document Details

B11 Click here to add Reference Document Details

To add new reference document details, you need to click on 'Click here to add Reference Document Details' option available at bottom left of this form section. It will add a new row wherein you can fill details regarding description of reference document and include hyperlink for the same.

To attach external files as reference documents, click here for detailed help on how to attach files while creating a form.

To associate existing files on the projects accessible to you on Asite, click here for detailed help on how to associate files while creating a form.

B11.1 Description

To enter a description of the reference document that you are adding.

B11.2 Hyperlink

To enter a hyperlink for the corresponding reference document description.

C. Submit Details for '06 NCE by PM' / Save Details as Draft

Once you have entered the required details, click 'Send' button to save / submit the details. This will send a 'For Information' task to the Contractor. Also, the form will be distributed separately as per the distribution list entered while creating the form if any.

In case you plan to edit and submit later, use the 'Save Draft' button to save the details as a draft. In such a scenario, you have an option to get the draft message reviewed by some other user by assigning them 'Review Draft' task. Users who are added as 'Draft Only' members in the contract management team will only be able to save the form details as a draft and cannot 'Send' the form.

Click 'Cancel' if you want to entirely cancel the form under creation. Clicking on 'Cancel' will prompt the user to confirm once again as any unsaved data in the form under creation will be lost forever once it is cancelled.

D. Edit Draft of '06 NCE by PM'

Click here for detailed help on how to edit an existing form draft.

E. View Existing '06 NCE by PM'

To open an existing '06 NCE by PM' form for viewing, click on the form title from relevant listing area. The form will open in view mode as shown below.

Click here for detailed help on Form Viewer Options.

Click on the contract number to view related contract details. Similarly, click on any of the form id's with hyperlink to open related form as applicable.

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