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View File Comments

This article helps you understand how to view file comments.

Updated over a week ago

Comments view lists all the comments on files that you are involved with or have permissions on. Click on any comment to view a detailed thread including responses by your team members.

Note - Records for 'No Comment's and status change comments on files that are created automatically by the system won't show under 'Comments' view; however, this will be available while viewing comments on a file from file viewer as applicable.

To view a file comment, click on comment title from the 'Comments' view. This will open the file having the selected comment in file viewer, allowing you to view the discussion thread as well as the file content. Click here for detailed help.

To view associations on a file comment from the Comments view, click here.

From the listing, you are able to view all relevant details like title, id, doc ref, doc title, doc type, project name, revision number, version number, etc.

To reply on a file comment, right click on relevant record and select 'New' then 'Reply'. This will open the file comment in viewer with the 'Reply' option populated. Click here for detailed help - Refer Step 3 onwards.

To understand other right click options in Comments view, click here.

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