Download a File open in Viewer

This article helps you understand how to download a file open in viewer.

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Click on download icon available at top right side to download the file revision that is open in viewer. Use the down arrow next to the download icon to get additional options while downloading the file revision.

For downloading a file, you need the privilege 'Can Download Documents' on the project where the file is stored and a folder permission of 'View and Download' or above permission on the folder containing the file to download.

'Download Preferences' popup contains:


Parent Document - To include selected document for download.

Include Secondary File(s) - To include secondary files for download, if any.

Include XREF - To download single / multiple files including external references, if any.

Discussions & Markups

Associated Documents - To download the associated documents for discussions or markups on selected file, if any.

Attached Documents - To download the attached documents for discussions or markups on selected file, if any.

Include Markups - To include the markups created on selected file as part of downloading the file, if any.

Note: In case project configuration was changed from Thin Client Viewer (now discontinued) to Universal Web Viewer, required information related to markups (if applicable) will appear in below sequence:

1. Consolidated view of all public markups created in Thin Client Viewer (includes all file pages).

2. Only private markups created on file that were released as public after viewer was changed from Thin Client Viewer to Universal Web Viewer (includes only those file pages having private markups released as public).

3. Consolidated view of all file markups created in Universal Web Viewer (includes both public and private markups on all file pages).

Other Options

  • Rename Files with Doc Ref - To rename downloaded files to their document reference.

  • Append Doc Title - To include doc title in downloading file name.

  • Append Version No - To include version number in downloading file name.

  • Append Rev No - To include revision number in downloading file name.

  • Recreate Folder Structure in Zip / Download Location - To recreate folder structure of project in zip file / download location.

  • Lock for Editing - To ensure that the file is locked and no other user can upload new revision of this file except the user who has locked it.

Once done, click on 'Download' button at the bottom of the popup. The file will start downloading to your local device storage as per the preferences set for download.

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