View Details of a File open in Viewer

This article helps you understand how to view details of a file open in viewer.

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Open the required file in viewer for which you need to view details.

Next, follow the steps for navigating to File Viewer More Options.

In the 'More Options' menu, select 'File Details' option (under 'More Info' category) to view details for the file revision that is open in viewer. Details include:

a. The name of the file publisher and owner organization along-with the date and time of publishing is displayed at the top.

b. Direct Link - To copy the direct link of the open file revision. User will need to have access on the file for which direct link is shared and they need to be logged in to Asite to be able to view the file through the link.

c. Standard Attributes - To view details of standard attributes configured for the file revision that is open.

d. Custom Attribute - To view details of custom attributes configured for the file revision that is open, if any.





To minimize the layered page.


To maximize the layered page.

Dock Content

To dock the content within the same page so that you don't need to click again to view its content.

Undock Content

To undock the docked content.


To close the layered page.

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