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View Workflow Instances on a File open in Viewer

This article helps you understand how to view workflow instances on a file that is open in viewer.

Updated over a week ago

Open the required file in viewer for which you need to view workflow instances.

Next, follow the steps for navigating to File Viewer More Options.

In the 'More Options' menu, select 'Workflows' option (under 'More Info' category) to view details of any existing workflows on the file revision being viewed. It displays related workflow details like its name, status, name of the person who created it (click to view user profile details) as well as its start date & end date (time available upon mouseover on the date values).

To view workflow progress on a file being viewed, click on the link showing workflow status opposite the name of workflow which is getting applied.

Below is a description of the icons available at top right:





To refresh the content within the popup.


To minimize the layered page.


To maximize the layered page.

Dock Content

To dock the content within the same page so that you don't need to click again to view its content.

Undock Content

To undock the docked content.


To close the layered page.

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