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Create a System Task for Files in a Project (Overview)

This article helps you understand how to create a system task for files in a project.

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Steps to create a system task for files in a project are as mentioned below:

1. Navigate to 'Workflows' tab and select the project to create an independent system task or for a workflow.

2. Click on 'Configure System Task' button available at top right to start configuring a system task.

Alternatively, right click on project name and select 'Configure Action' option.

3. Key in a name for the system task which is being configured.

4. Select the task context as 'Document'.

5. Based on the selected task context, select a task that the system should perform in the workflow.

Available tasks for 'Document' - 'Distribute Files', 'Status Change', 'Clear Tasks', 'Update File Privacy', 'Execute Groovy Script', 'Lock File Activities', 'Unlock File Activities', 'Email Notification', 'Publish as PDF', 'Assign Visibility' and 'Link Document'.
Click on any of the task types below to access their detailed help:

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