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Resume a Failed Workflow Instance

Learn how to resume a workflow instance in case it gets failed on your project in Asite.

Updated over a week ago


  • Required role privilege 'Manage Workflow Rules' on the project where a failed workflow instance is to be resumed.

Follow the steps for checking progress on a workflow instance then go to the particular workflow instance on which you need to resume workflow. You can only resume workflow if the current workflow status shows as 'Failed'.

Click on workflow status 'FAILED' to view the progress level of workflow instance. The 'Workflow Status' screen will appear.

To resume a failed workflow, you need to ensure that the required condition to resume the workflow is satisfied. For e.g. if the workflow for a file had failed earlier due to user unable to access project folder, that user should get required access on concerned project folder for the workflow to be able to resume.

Click 'Resume Workflow' button at top right will resume the failed workflow only if the required condition to resume workflow is satisfied.

By performing above steps only the selected workflow will resume for selected object i.e. file / form / custom object. If there are other workflows applied on the same object, they will remain unaffected.

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