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Publish File on a Project
Create a File from a File Template using aSync
Create a File from a File Template using aSync

This article helps you understand how to create a file from an existing file template using aSync.

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Role privilege as mentioned below, on the project in which a file is to be created from a file template using aSync:

Permission as mentioned below, on the project folder in which a file is to be uploaded:

  • To upload or publish files, 'Publish' or 'Publish & Link' or 'Admin' permission.
    โ€‹Folder permissions defined at default level or at role level can be over-ridden. Click here for detailed help (See point 4).

Permission on the file template from which a file is to be created using aSync. Click here for detailed help.

File template allows you to prepare a library of templates, which can be used by anyone having access on a project folder to quickly create files keeping the basic format as per the selected file template.

Below are the steps describing how you can create file from a file template if you have aSync application installed on your PC.

1. Navigate to the project folder where you need to create file from file template using aSync.

2. Click on 'Upload' dropdown and select 'Create File'.

3. A layered screen will appear listing out file templates accessible to you. Use the keyword search option to find the file template, if required.

You can also download the file template by clicking on the file type icon if you want.

4. Select a template from which you need to create file, by clicking on that particular record.

5. A prompt will appear allowing you to download aSync installer or login to aSync app if it is already installed on your PC.

If aSync is not installed, download aSync and follow the steps for installation as needed.

6. When selecting the file template from web application and then logging in to aSync to open a copy of the selected file template for editing, a browser prompt will appear asking for permission to open the link with the aSync application. Here, you need to allow permission for web browser to continue opening the link with aSync application.

7. The copy of selected file template will start appearing in aSync application. Click on edit icon opposite the file name to open the file in native application and start editing. At this stage, follow the steps to edit file with aSync.

8. Once required editing is done, follow the steps to upload file with aSync to complete creating file from file template using aSync.

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