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View Distribution in a Workflow Instance

Learn how to view distribution details of an object in a workflow instance on your project in Asite.

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Follow the steps for checking progress on a workflow instance then go to the particular workflow instance on which you need to view distribution.

Do a right click on any user task node where you need to view any distribution that has happened as part of the workflow instance in progress. The right click option to view distribution won't appear for any actions not yet executed as part of the selected workflow instance, or for system tasks.

This particular option is useful to quickly view the distribution information against any user tasks within the visual workflow interface, in order to contact the member and expedite task completion and auditability.

Selecting 'View Distribution' displays a layered screen showing details about distribution that has happened under selected node as part of the selected workflow instance.

Details include:

  • Recipient Object (name of object i.e. name of user, distribution group, role or org)

  • Recipient User (name of end-user to whom distribution was done - click to view other profile details available)

  • Recipient Task (type of task which was assigned as part of distribution)

  • Task Status (status of the task assigned as part of workflow)

  • Assigned By (name of user who assigned the task)

  • Assigned Date (date when task was assigned - time available upon mouseover)

  • Due Date (date when task is due - time available upon mouseover)

  • Task Notes (as applicable)

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