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With the markup library option in Universal Web Viewer for Files on Asite, you can save your selected annotations to a separate markup library and copy them directly while creating new markups if any.

Note: Currently, a maximum of 5 markup libraries can be maintained at a time and each markup in those libraries can have a maximum of 10 annotations. Individual markups / stamps must be below 50kB if adding them to the markup library.

Here is how you can save an existing annotation to the markup library and then copy markup from that library later when required:

1. Select a markup annotation which you need to copy to a markup library. This can include all type of markup annotations of any shape including markup stamps and signatures.

Related options would appear upon selection. Click on 'Save Markup to Library' option and continue.

2. A layered page will appear. Enter a name for saving the markup to library.

Click 'Save' to continue. Else click 'Cancel' to go back to precious screen.

3. Open the file in which you need to copy the saved annotations. All the markups saved to markup library will be available to access by clicking on 'Access Markup Library' icon available in bottom toolbar when opening any of the files accessible to you in Asite Viewer.

4. A list of markups saved to your markup library will appear. Select the markup which you need to copy using the corresponding radio button whenever required.

Click 'Copy' to continue. Else click 'Cancel' to go back to previous screen.

When copying the markup from library, one markup group can only be applied once at a time on a file.

In case you need to delete the markup saved to library, click on 'Delete from Library' option available at the right side corresponding to that particular record.

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