Edit a Project Template
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Permission as mentioned below, on the project template which is to be edited:

  • To manage the project template, 'Admin' permission assigned to you, your organization or a user group in which you are a member.

Below are the steps to follow while editing an existing project template:

1. Navigate to 'Projects' tab and go to the project template that needs to be edited. Use the search and filter options to find the required project template if needed.

Once you have found the required project template, right click and select 'Edit Template Information'.

2. 'Edit Template' popup page comes up. This page has five tabs as shown below:

Below is a description of the fields available under 'Basic Information' tab. This tab contains below details:

Project Name - Edit the name of project template.

Client Name - This field cannot be edited on a project template.

Geography - This field cannot be edited on a project template.

Viewer - This field cannot be edited on a project template.

Status - A project template can be assigned different status based on the accessibility that administrator wants, below are the available statuses and their details:

  • Open - By default every newly created project template will have 'Open' status.

  • Closed - Based on system level privilege a user can change the status of project template to 'Closed'.

Upload Image - To upload image which will be updated to list the project template being edited with a thumbnail image under 'Projects' tab.

BIM Enabled - To enable BIM (Building Information Model) on the project template being created.

Two new roles named 'cBIM Publisher' and 'cBIM Viewer' are created by the system automatically within project templates where BIM is enabled.

To understand the options in other tabs, click on the respective links below:

Inheritance Option - To review and update inheritance of workspace objects if required.

Additional Information - To update additional information of the project template.

Project Settings - To update the project template settings as required. While editing a project template, you cannot change the configuration for 'Enable Object level visibility of private information' and/or 'Enable Comment Review' once enabled under the 'Project Settings' section.

Email Notifications - To update the notification email details as required.

Working Calendar - To update the working days and / or holidays in the project template as required.

Click 'Save' to complete adding a project template after entering required details.

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