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Edit a Project Template - Inheritance Option
Edit a Project Template - Inheritance Option

This article helps you understand the inheritance option applicable while editing an existing project template.

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Permission as mentioned below, on the project template in which inheritance option is to be edited:

  • To manage the project template, 'Admin' permission assigned to you, your organization or a user group in which you are a member.

In case you have multiple projects cloned from selected project template, and when you need to change project configuration on some of those projects, it is advisable to follow below guidelines before proceeding to edit a project template:

  • If a change in configuration is required only on a specific project, it is suggested to change configuration only in that particular project so that it serves your purpose.

  • If configuration is required in general for other projects as well, it is best to communicate to relevant project manager about general configuration and get it updated on related project template directly so that all projects can benefit out of it.

1. Follow the steps to edit a project template.

2. Go to the second tab called 'Inheritance Option'.

3. A list of workspace objects appears. These objects can be copied across to a project cloned from selected template.

Keep all 'Workspace Objects' selection as it is unless you don't need to copy details of some or all of the listed workspace objects from the template. Accordingly, keep the 'Inherit Changes' option on as it is unless you don't need to inherit changes for selected or all the corresponding workspace objects from the template.

To understand relation between workspace objects, click here. It helps you to manage the inheritance of changes in project template to the projects cloned from the template as per your requirements.

Next, keep the option 'Allow Override within Clone' selected in order for users to be able to modify the details relevant to selected workspace objects at the time of cloning from the workspace template being edited. If turning this option off, you can then manage projects cloned from selected project template directly from within the project template.

Finally, click 'Save' to apply the changes you've made to the selected template configuration.

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