Assign Role Privileges on a Project

This article helps you understand how to assign different role privileges on a project.

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Role privilege as mentioned below, on the project in which role privileges are to be assigned:

Below are the steps to assign role privileges on a project:

1. In 'Projects' area, navigate to the project where role privileges need to be assigned.

2. Right click on the required project and select 'Roles & Users' then select 'Role Privileges'.

Alternately, in the thumb view, do a mouse hover on the project thumbnail and click on icon. A layered page opens. Click on 'Role Privileges'.

3. It shows the existing project roles and their privileges with the ability to assign or remove privileges based on roles assigned to users. Additionally, you can also add new roles if required.

4. Assign or remove privileges for roles as required by selecting the corresponding checkboxes and click 'Save'. Click here to understand each of the role privileges that can be assigned on a project.

5. In case a new role needs to be created, click on 'Create New Role' button available at top right (if accessible to you) which adds a new blank record and enables you to enter the role name. To assign user groups, users and organizations to the new role, you can always go back to the screen for defining user roles and access and follow required steps.

6. From the top right, you can also filter the listing of role name and role privileges by entering a search keyword.

7. To export the list of roles and associated role privileges, click on icon available at top right.

8. Click on 'Save' to apply any changes made.

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