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Edit a Project - Inheritance Option
Edit a Project - Inheritance Option

This article helps you understand the inheritance option applicable for projects cloned from project templates.

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In case the selected project was inherited from an existing project template, there will be an additional tab named 'Inheritance Option' while editing the project. Only users having admin access on the project template can update the configuration of projects cloned from that project template without breaking inheritance between project template and cloned project.

In case you have multiple projects cloned from a project template, and when you need to change project configuration on some of those projects, it is advisable to follow below guidelines:

  • If a change in configuration is required only on a specific project, it is suggested to change configuration only in that particular project so that it serves your purpose.

  • If configuration is required in general for other projects as well, it is best to communicate to relevant project manager about general configuration and get it updated on related project template directly so that all projects can benefit out of it.

Under the 'Inheritance Option' tab, a list of workspace objects appears. The details of selected workspace objects are getting copied across from related project template to the cloned project which is being edited.

A tick appears under 'Inherit Changes' column if the changes to the corresponding workspace object are being inherited from related project template from which the selected project was cloned (as shown in below screenshot).

If 'Inherit Changes' checkbox for an object is showing ticked and disabled, it means that particular object has some relation with other objects in the list. Click here to understand the relation between workspace objects as required.

If required, you can break inheritance of related objects in the project that is being edited.

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