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Edit File Attributes

This article helps you understand how to edit your file attributes on Asite.

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Files published to Asite may be allocated a variety of attributes which provide users with the ability to search for information based on that criteria. For example, you may publish a file with a specific file attribute. This file may then be tracked using this file attribute. User having 'Admin' permission on the folder or files publisher can change file attributes. Availability of the option to edit attributes of a file may depend upon your accessibility.

The following steps outline the process followed to update attributes of this nature:

1. To edit file attributes, select the project folder under the 'Files' tab.

2. Select files to edit attributes and click on 'More Options' to select 'Edit Attributes' button.

3. Click 'Edit Attributes' button. Clicking on button, files listing page populates a layered page with the name 'Edit Attributes'.

The option to edit the document attributes depends on whether:

a. You have 'Admin' rights in the folder in which the documents are published.

b. The role in which you belong has the 'Assign Document Metadata' privilege.

c. You are the document publisher.

4. Edit file details as required. You can edit the file's document reference (doc ref), revision number, document title, revision notes and other file metadata as applicable.. Along with this you are able to assign a new purpose of issue to the file and change the privacy of the file using the 'Mark as Private' option as required.

If a URL is entered in custom attribute of 'Textbox' input type, then such URL will appear as a hyperlink while viewing the file details. This is only applicable for URLs whitelisted by Asite. Clicking on that URL will open the respective webpage in a separate browser tab. To learn more, see how to create an attribute / how to create an attribute set.

Mark as Private

If the file is public, you can tick the box for 'Mark as Private' to make the file private. Similarly, if the file is private, you can untick the box for 'Mark as Private' to make the file public. A private file can only be accessed by:
(a) file publisher and
(b) folder administrator and
(c) users to whom file was distributed and
(d) users to whom file visibility was specifically assigned

5. Select the checkbox for Update the status for Static and Dynamic links to update the attributes of all the links of the file within the project.

6. You can select 'Bulk Apply' checkbox to apply same attributes to multiple files. Select 'Bulk Apply' checkbox to apply same attributes.

7. Fill all values and click on 'Apply To All' button to apply entered values to all attributes of selected files.

8. You can also apply value to particular attribute through bulk apply by just clicking on icon. By clicking on arrow icon available at the top of the columns, values of particular attribute can be filled down to all selected files.

9. Click on 'Assign Attributes' to confirm all changes. Your file attributes are changed and displayed in files listing area.

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