Batch Processing

This article helps you understand how to perform batch actions on your files in Asite.

Updated this week

Users on Asite having required privileges can perform batch process by selecting multiple files and completing tasks in one go.

1. To perform batch process, select the project folder under the 'Files' tab.

2. Select multiple files and click on 'More Options' button. Then select 'Tasks > Task - For Acknowledgement'.
Batch Processing using 'More Options' is also supported in the 'Files' tab within 'Attachments & Associations' popup accessible through 'Associations' icon in 'Files' and 'aMessages' view.

3. Click 'Task - For Acknowledgement' link available as sub menu for tasks.

4. Click 'OK' button to complete 'For Acknowledgement' tasks on selected files.

5. Your file tasks are completed and history records it.

6. Accordingly, you can also complete other tasks in batch like 'For Acknowledgement', 'For Comment Coordination', 'For Comment Incorporation' and 'For Action'.

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