View Attachments & Associations on a File open in Viewer

This article helps you understand how to view attachments & associations on a file open in viewer.

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Open the required file in viewer for which attachments & associations are to be viewed.

Next, follow the steps for navigating to File Viewer More Options.

In the 'More Options' menu, select 'Attachments & Associations' option (under 'More Info' category) to view list of attachments and associations on the file that is open in viewer (as and when applicable). To view the individual attachment or associated object, click on the link with name of attachment or associated object (opens in another browser tab).

Associated records, if any, will be available based on your access only. In case there are additional records (not accessible to you), you will be directed to contact project administrator for information regarding the same.

Below is a description of the icons available at top right which can also be used optionally while viewing attachments & associations on a file in viewer:





To export the file associations history in MS excel format.


To flag file as high, medium or low priority. The flag applied to associated files using this icon will also appear in files listing pages, so that you or other users can easily filter such files to perform batch tasks.

Download File

To download selected files or attachments based on user preferences. Availability of the option to download a file may depend upon your accessibility.

Create Form

To create new app by associating the selected attachment or association. Click here for detailed help.


To refresh the content within the layered page.


To maximize the layered page.


To minimize the layered page.

Dock Content

To dock the content within the same page so that you don't need to click again to view its content.

Undock Content

To undock the docked content.


To close the layered page.

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