Edit File Attributes on a File open in Viewer

This article helps you understand how to edit attributes of a file open in viewer.

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Open the required file in viewer on which file attributes need to be edited.

Next, follow the steps for navigating to File Viewer More Options.

In the 'More Options' menu, select 'Edit Attributes' option (under 'New' category) to edit and update existing attributes of the file open in viewer.

For editing attributes of a file, you need the privilege 'Assign Document Metadata' on the project where the file is stored. Even if you have this privilege, in case the folder administrator has applied activity lock on the activity 'Edit Attribute' for that particular file, the option for editing attributes of that file will not be accessible to you.

On the 'Edit Attributes' screen, edit the file attributes information as required (including system attributes and custom attributes as applicable).

For linked files, you can also change the link type from dynamic to static and reverse using the 'Link Type' field.
Update the status for Static Links - To update the attributes of all the links of the file within the project. This option will show disabled if the file that is open in viewer doesn't have any links within the project.
Once done, click 'Assign Attributes' to apply the changes. Else, click 'Close' to go close the 'Edit Attributes' window without saving the changes made if any and go back to previous screen.

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