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Publish File on a Project
Upload and Distribute a File (in parallel)
Upload and Distribute a File (in parallel)

This article helps you understand how to upload files and also distribute them simultaneously on Asite platform.

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Permission as mentioned below, on the project folder in which a file is to be uploaded:

  • To upload or publish files, 'Publish' or 'Publish & Link' or 'Admin' permission.
    Folder permissions defined at default level or at role level can be over-ridden. Click here for detailed help (See point 4).

Role Privilege as mentioned below, on the project folder in which a file is to be distributed:

  • To distribute a file, 'Allow Custom Distribution - Own Org' and/or 'Allow Custom Distribution - All Org' (as applicable) privilege assigned to you, your organization or a user group in which you are a member.

Activity Locks as mentioned below, on the file which is to be distributed.

  • 'File Distribution' activity shouldn't be locked.

Below are the steps for uploading and distributing a file in parallel:

1. To upload files with distribution, you need to select the project and destination folder.

2. On files listing area, click on 'Upload' dropdown at top right and select 'Files' to upload files to Asite. This option validates for your permission to upload new files to the folder.

3. A layered page will appear.

4. Select the files by dragging required files to the area or click 'Select Files' button to browse and select required files.

Upload of file revisions may depend upon whether the 'Revision Upload' activity is locked or unlocked for the existing file (with same document reference). While uploading multiple files at a time, the files which have 'Revision Upload' file activity locked will be filtered out automatically.

5. To distribute files, click on icon. Upload window expands and displays a section with 'To' and 'Subject' fields. If uploading and distributing a new revision of any file which was previously uploaded and distributed, you will see a icon opposite the 'To' field. Click on it to pre-populate 'To' field with objects/users to whom the revision was shared previously.

Click in the 'To' box to see a list of users or roles or distribution groups from which you can add a recipient name for distribution. Type in the initial characters of the user, role or distribution group to get auto-suggestions based on the same.

To expand distribution groups or roles and find the users in it, click on icon that will appear upon mouse hover on the concerned distribution group or role name.

Selecting a distribution group, a role or an organization is treated as an object, and when pre-populating them in any future case, they will be pre-populated as entire object and not as individual recipient from the object.
When project setting 'Enable Object level visibility of private information' is enabled, distributed objects(i.e. Distribution Groups/Roles/Organization) will be automatically assigned visibility when file is distributed by selecting the object.

By default, 'For Information' task associates to all the users added in the 'To' textbox. In 'For Information' task. It is not mandatory to select a task due date while assigning 'For Information' task.

To change the task, click on the name of specific user for whom the task needs to be changed. You can select the task from dropdown as well as select the expected date to complete the tasks from calendar.

The yellow color on envelope icon (​) indicates email notification will be sent for selected file distribution. Click on it to avoid sending email notification if required, which would change the icon color to grey.

Click on icon to give other tasks to the same user. You can do this for individual users as well as users in a particular distribution group or role.

Click on icon corresponding to the name of selected distribution groups, users, roles or organizations to remove them from distribution.

Subject - Enter the notes for tasks assigned and click 'Close' to close the tasks window.

Once done, click on icon again to close the distribution screen.

6. Enter attribute details as required then click on 'Upload' to start upload with distribution.

7. The activity center displays the progress of file uploads. Activity center screen automatically closes once all the files are uploaded successfully.

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