This article explains the aMessage tab in Asite and how it can be used.

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Users on Asite can communicate instantly with their contacts through direct messaging and group messaging functionality available in 'aMessages' tab.

When compared to 'Files' area, the 'aMessages' area allows users to communicate in real time through direct messaging or by creating groups without the need for file upload.

Any communication made by user via 'aMessages' tab, whether created through direct messaging or through groups, are available to access in the messaging history as applicable.

Even while working on other tabs, an indicator will appear on 'aMessages' tab (as shown below) as well as browser tabs with active Asite sessions whenever there are any unread messages for the user to read.

You can receive aMessage notifications as a browser notification popup, based on browser compatibility. Browser notification is currently supported in 'Microsoft Edge' (Version 15 & above) as well as latest versions of 'Google Chrome', 'Mozilla Firefox' and 'Apple Safari'.

  1. For all supported browsers, a prompt will appear asking you to grant permissions for getting notifications from within the browser once you are successfully logged in on Asite.

  2. Clicking on an aMessage notification will take you to its relevant screen within Asite.

  3. Each of such browser notification popup will have a visibility period of 5 seconds. Based on your response, such a prompt may or may not reappear the next time you login on Asite. For activities performed in batches, there will be single instant notification per batch activity.

Refer the image below and following table to understand 'aMessages' screen:

Sr. No.




Select Group / Select User

To send or receive instant messages internally within a defined group / within your contacts.


Search Users / Groups

To search for required users or groups by typing in the characters included in their name.


To create a messaging group of your contacts.


Group Icon

Indicates that it is a group that can be used to send an aMessage to multiple users at a time.


Unread Messages Count

Displays the count for unread messages, if any, for corresponding user or group.


Send an aMessage / Create Task (within Groups)

To type in a text message for selected user or selected group.

If a group is selected, click on the aMessage icon to toggle it and create a task.

Alternately type '#' followed by task title to create a task.


Attach Files

To attach files for sending to selected user or selected group.

Alternately, you can also drag and drop files directly from your device.



To send the message including attached files, if any, to the selected user or selected group.



To view the name of selected user or group.



Displays messaging history for selected user / group.



All the attachments in messaging history for selected user / group are available in 'Attachments' tab, along-with relevant details like the name of user who uploaded it, name of attachment file, upload date and attachment size.

All such attachments can be downloaded using icon available upon mouse hover of its thumbnail.


Tasks (within Groups)

To view / edit all or your tasks under selected group.


Members (within Groups)

Displays list of all members in selected group, irrespective of whether they are online or offline.

An icon indicates that the corresponding user is a group administrator.

Click on member name to view their contact card.

Group administrators will also be able to directly add members while viewing a group, by clicking on 'Add Member' link.



Indicates status of logged in user - green color is for online status, grey color is for offline status.


Navigate to latest message

To navigate to the latest message of selected user or selected group.

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