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Getting Started with Defects
Getting Started with Defects

This article helps you understand how to get started with managing defects with your Asite project.

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In construction projects, defects are inevitable. It is one of the primary causes of project schedule and cost overruns. Thus, these defects needs to be identified and addressed methodically. The defect management process needs to be monitored as well as tracked.

The defects could be captured manually on a sheet of paper or digitally on a spreadsheet. This gives rise to another set of complications. The process is also time consuming and there is considerable amount of risk involved. It is also a challenge to track such a process.

Asite offers defect management which is intuitive, easy to use and addresses all the above issues. Users could capture defects with location information on tablets which could then be assigned to the field contractors for resolution. Once the resolution has been submitted by the field contractors, the field inspector could mark the defects verified if found satisfactory. All the defects could be tracked and monitored by intelligent reports.

Asite Defect form configuration for a new or an existing project can be done by administrator users from the 'Sites' tab in Asite Web Application. Once the administrative configuration is done from the Asite Web Application, project users can use 'Adoddle Field' app available for tablet devices running on Android or iOS to raise a defect.

Key administration activities for Asite Defect Management are listed below in proper order, if you need to setup defects in project follow below steps.

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