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Setting up Defects Form Type
Setting up Defects Form Type

This article helps you configure Defects form type on your Asite project.

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All projects in Asite are 'Field' enabled by default. There are three new field related roles that are created in the project automatically, namely:

Field Administrator - Main administrator for defects and field manager, has privileges to upload drawings and calibrate them on web application. Users in this role will get 'Can Manage Project Field' role privilege by default.

Field Inspector - Is responsible for creating defects form using 'Adoddle Field' application on tablets and assigns them to field contractor.

Field Contractor - Is responsible for resolving the defects raised by the field inspector and marking their respective defect form status as resolved post resolving.

Here is how the defect process will work:

1. The field administrator uploads drawings and calibrates them on web application.

2. The field inspector creates defects and assigns them to the field contractor. The status of the defect form is set to 'Open'.

3. The field contractor corrects the defects and updates the defect form by changing its status to 'Resolved'.

4. The field inspector now checks whether the defects have been resolved to satisfaction. If the field inspector is satisfied, the status of the form is set to 'Verified'. Else the status is set to 'Open' and the defect is again assigned to the field contractor.

You can assign required users in the above roles from 'User Access' in 'Project Settings'. Click here for detailed help on how to add users in a role.

Click here for detailed help on how to assign privileges to a role.

Apart from the above roles, below form statuses are also created in the project automatically:

Open - A newly created form will have 'Open' status. Field administrator and field inspector must have 'Access to Use' permission on this status.

Verified - Only field inspector role should have 'Access to Use' permission on this status.

Resolved - Field contractor & field administrator role should have 'Access to Use' permission for this status.

Project administrator users can set up and configure defect form on a new or existing project. The steps to set up and configure a defect form are:

1. Assign defect form type to a project - To assign defect form type to a project, click here for detailed help.

2. Assign role form permissions on defect form type - To assign permissions on defect form, please ensure the below points & click here for detailed help.

'Create' permission on defect form should be limited only to field inspector and field administrator

All other permissions should be limited to field administrator only.

3. Create & format form statuses for defect form - To format form statuses, click here to see detailed help.

4. Configure form settings for defect form - You need to configure form settings for defect form in order to activate the newly created statuses if any. Click here for detailed help.

5. Create defect types in the project - Once the form settings are done, you need to create defect types in project. Click here for detailed help on 'Manage Defect Types'.

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