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FAQs on 'Project Forms'
FAQs on 'Project Forms'

This article lists out frequently asked questions related to 'Project Forms'.

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Related to Creating Forms

Q1. Why am I unable to create forms?

A1. Please check that the form type that you are selecting before proceeding to create a form is correct.

If you are sure that the selected form type is correct and you are still unable to create a form, it means you don't have required permission to create forms of selected type. In such a case, contact your project administrator to get the form permissions updated for selected form type.

Q2. Can I create forms in offline mode?

A2. You can create forms in offline mode when you are using Adoddle Field mobile app (available for Android and iOS). This would depend upon whether the form type that you are using on the project is configured to work in offline mode.

To enable a form type for working offline on the project, enable the setting for 'Is form available offline' in form settings. Once you are logged in to your account on Adoddle Field app, refer the steps to mark a form type for making it available offline. Then follow the steps to create a form in offline mode.

Related to Form Tasks

Q1. Can I select multiple forms and complete tasks on all of them at the same time?

A1. It depends on which task you need to complete. You can select multiple forms having similar task assigned and use right click options to complete tasks on those forms at the same time. Completing form tasks in batches is supported only if the task assigned is 'For Information'.

Q1. How do I discard a draft form?

A1. To discard a draft form, open it in form viewer. Next, click on 'Task' menu and select 'Edit Draft' option. Once the 'Edit Draft' screen is open, click 'Discard Draft' button available at bottom right. A message will appear asking you to reconfirm. Click 'OK' to complete discarding the draft form that was earlier open in viewer.

Related to Respond to a Form

Q1. Why am I unable to reply/respond on a form?

Q1. Your ability to respond/reply on a form will depend on the configuration of respective form type. You can contact your workspace administrator to get 'Reply' / 'Reply All' option while viewing forms based on their type. Click here for detailed help on form settings.

As an alternative, you need to have 'Respond' task assigned on a form to be able to respond on a form by creating a reply. Click here for detailed help on 'Respond' form task.

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