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Understanding Tender Process
Understanding Tender Process
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Tender Manager app is a set of different form types which include:

Invitation to Tender

Addendum to Tender

Supplementary ITT

Expression of Interest

Points for Clarification

Tender Query

Tender Communication

Tender Evaluation

Tender Outcome

Users need to follow a proper sequence while creating forms within Tender Manager app.

‘01. Invitation to Tender’ form needs to be created first by the concerned user belonging to ‘Tender Team’ role.

Only once ‘Invitation to Tender’ form is created, remaining form types (as listed above) can be created based on the created ‘Invitation to Tender’ form i.e. form ID.

Tender process can be divided into 4 different stages as mentioned below:

Tender initialization

Bidder's expression of interest

Bidder’s response and query

Managing an existing tender

Analyzing bids (quotations) and awarding tender

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