Add a Gadget in a Dashboard

This article helps you to understand how to add a gadget to a dashboard accessible to you.

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  • Required 'Admin' permission on the dashboard where a gadget needs to be added.
    ​Note: This feature is not available for 'System Dashboard'.

As an Asite user, you are able to add different types of available gadgets in a dashboard depending on your access. Below are the steps to add a gadget in a dashboard:

1. While creating a new dashboard or while editing an existing dashboard, click on 'Add Gadget' link available at top right to add gadgets.

Note: A maximum of 10 gadgets are allowed in a single dashboard.

2. A layered page will open displaying various gadgets available to add. Click on '+' icon against the gadget to add it to the newly created dashboard.

Please click on a gadget name below to know more:

3. Here is an example widget showing information regarding newly published files:

4. You can use the icons available upon mouse hover at top right side to manage the selected dashboard gadget.



To edit the selected gadget information.

To maximize the window size of selected gadget.

To restore the original window size of gadget once maximized.

To minimize the selected gadget view.

To maximize the selected gadget view.

To delete the selected gadget.

To refresh the selected gadget data. Last refreshed date and time, as applicable, will appear alongside the gadget name.

5. Once the gadgets are added, selected dashboard will be available for display along-with its gadgets.

You can use the 'Switch Dashboard' option available at top right of dashboard screen to switch between all the dashboards accessible to you.

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