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Asite NEC4 Contract Manager
Asite NEC4 Contract Manager

This articles gives you an understanding about NEC Contract Manager provided by Asite.

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Asite NEC4 includes following set of apps grouped as per their type. These will be displayed in the left side of the relevant forms listing area in a tree structure as shown below.

Below is a list of available form types in Asite NEC4 Contract Manager. Click on a relevant link below to continue:

Forms from the groups B. Early Warning, C. Compensation Event Process and D. Communications are used most.

E. Certificates is used mostly for 25 Payment Certificate and 26 Application for Payment. After reaching a particular stage, 18 Defect Notification by Supervisor can as well be used.

F. Programme Mgmt is used regularly because contractor may need to submit the program every month. so that they know when they are planning to complete.

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