Right Click Options on a Project

This article helps you understand available right click options on a project in 'Projects' tab.

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  1. View Project Information - To apply selected project to project filter and view selected project's dashboard.

  2. Edit Project Information - To edit configuration of selected project.

  3. Save Workspace As Template - To save the structure of selected project as a new project template.

  4. Mark As Favourite / Remove As Favourite - To mark the selected project as favourite or remove from favourite.

  5. Roles & Users

    1. User Roles and Access - To define user roles and access in selected project.

    2. Role Privileges - To assign privileges based on roles created in selected project.

    3. App Permissions - To assign form permissions based on roles created in selected project.

    4. User Invitations - To send user invitation on selected project.

  6. Apps

    1. Add App - To add a new form template in selected project.

    2. App Templates - To add standard (ready to use) templates to selected project.

    3. Edit App Settings - To edit configuration of existing form types on selected project and make them active or inactive as and when needed.

  7. Settings

    1. Configurable Attributes - To manage configurable attributes on selected project.

    2. App Statuses - To manage form statuses on selected project.

    3. File Statuses - To manage file statuses on selected project.

    4. Purpose of Issues - To manage purpose of issues on selected project.

    5. Distribution Groups - To manage distribute groups on selected project.

    6. Project Mailbox - To manage mailboxes on selected project.

  8. Access History - To view access history of selected project.

  9. Working Calendar - To view working calendar of selected project.

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