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New Features / Enhancements - 12th January 2024
New Features / Enhancements - 12th January 2024
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New Features / Enhancements - 12th January 2024

Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • Ability to use PDF files from same project as a Site/Location Drawing Plan

    Previously, you were able to upload drawing plans as PDF files from your local device when creating new site locations. Now, you have the additional option of using any of the PDF files accessible to you in the same project as a site/location drawing plan PDF.

    This is another advantage of using the Asite CDE which serves as your single source of truth, making your project site management more efficient!

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  • Embedded geo-tag information in image attachments while printing/exporting Project Forms

    While printing/exporting project forms as a PDF file, available geo-tag information will appear embedded within the image at the bottom. This geo-tag information includes latitude, longitude and altitude, in addition to already available related information such as the date and time the image was captured.
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