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New Features / Enhancements - 23rd February 2024
New Features / Enhancements - 23rd February 2024
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New Features / Enhancements - 23rd February 2024


  • Introducing Issue Tracker - A List View of Issues across your Project Models
    A separate view called Issues is now available within the Models tab. In this new view, you can find and track all the issues across all your project models in a comprehensive list view, according to the filter applied. Additionally, you can click on any issue id or issue title in the list to open it's detailed view at the right side.
    From the issue detailed view, you then have an option to open the issue under issue manager, along with the related model in the viewer.
    An easier and more intuitive way to manage issues, all in one place, instead of going through issues on each model separately!

  • Support for Model Options on Model File Links created within Same Project
    Right Click Options specifically available for a model file in Asite are now available for links created to that model file in the same project, from any other project folder. These options include creating a federated model, viewing related federated model as applicable, adding a model to an existing federated model or removing a model from an existing federated model if already added.
    This is another advantage of using the Asite CDE, which serves as your single source of truth, making model files management in your project more efficient!

  • Quick Option to navigate to Model Files added to a Federated Model
    In the models listing area under 'Models' tab, a new column called 'Show Model Files' is now available. You can click on the 'Show Model Files' icon opposite any model in the list, to directly view a list of model files that are currently added to a selected federated model on the right hand side.
    From the model files shown, you then have an option to navigate to those files in the 'Files' listing area.

Asite Field

  • Support to View Quality Plan in Offline Mode
    You are now able to view a Quality Plan in offline mode, by marking your quality plan as offline. In offline mode, you can view and navigate through your plan details including associated files or forms, as per the activities defined on the plan. You can also unmark the quality plan from being available offline later.

  • Support to Remove Association of Files or Forms on a Quality Plan
    While viewing a Quality Plan (in online mode), as per the activities defined on the plan, you are now able to remove association of files or forms.

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