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New Features / Enhancements - 1st March 2024
New Features / Enhancements - 1st March 2024
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New Features / Enhancements - 1st March 2024

Asite Marketplace

  • New Commodity-Based Procurement
    Marketplace extends its source to bid “S2B” functionality by introducing commodity-based procurement. Through the Marketplace interface organisations now can request items or services, send out “request for quotes” to approved supply chain partners and receive quotations electronically. The functionality supports requisitions, request for quotes and electronic purchase orders. This module continues to support the SCM product strategy to automate business processes by eliminating waste, streamline processes, reduce operational costs, and assist organisations with meeting their long-term sustainability targets.


  • New Sage Intacct Integration (Beta)
    Asite now delivers a seamless integration with the accounting and project management information using an Asite-built Sage Intacct Construction connector. Asite's connector uses our own scheduler framework to pull / push information from Sage Intacct and Asite Platform. This eliminates double-entry and gives project managers one-click access to business-critical financial and project information on the construction site.
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Asite Field

  • Create Location Shortcuts from Site Homepage
    Do you need to frequent a particular site location more often? If yes, you have an option to quickly create shortcuts to such site locations, directly from your site homepage. These shortcuts will directly take you to related drawing plan from where you can quickly raise new site tasks or site forms, as well as view and manage existing forms for selected location as required.

Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • Option to Print and/or Download File Comparison View with Markups
    As per existing functionality, you are already able to compare two separate files or file revisions in an overlaid view and identify differences if any. Now, you are able to print and/or download the overlaid view of such a comparison along-with markups available on selected files if any.

  • Update on Stamp Markup Limitations
    To ensure optimized performance when using stamp images to create a markup while viewing a file in Asite Viewer, a couple of limitations are now applicable:

    • Maximum allowed size for uploading a stamp image is 500 KB.

    • A maximum of 5 stamps will be allowed in the stamp drawer at any given time.

  • Update on Workflow Definition Limitation
    To ensure optimized performance while working with workflows on your projects, a maximum limit of 1000 workflow definitions are allowed to be created on a single project or a single project template.

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