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New Features / Enhancements - 23rd March, 2024
New Features / Enhancements - 23rd March, 2024
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New Features / Enhancements - 23rd March, 2024

Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • Label Change - 'Edit File' option renamed as 'Edit File Locally'

    The 'Edit File' option which used to appear as a right click option on a file, is now renamed as 'Edit File Locally'. This option continues to allow editing your file in related native application, via aSync desktop app.

AppBuilder Tool

  • Support to use same repeating table in multiple views
    'Data Field Name' property is now supported for 'Repeating Table' control. With this change, you can use same repeating table content in multiple form views if same data field names are used.

    No need to worry even if you are copying a repeating table. By using the same data field name, the data from source repeating table gets linked to other repeating tables in different views with same data field names, in a way that all such repeating tables work in sync with each other.


  • Discontinued IFC export option on federated models
    The IFC export option is no longer available for Federated (i.e. merged) Models. However, you continue to have an option to download individual IFC model files as available in your projects.

  • Option to view issue details in expanded view
    From the recently introduced issue tracker for 3D models (i.e. issues listing view), you can now expand an issue while viewing it and get a widescreen view of its details.


  • Support to search for files via API based on their file extension
    Using the existing Document Search API service, you can search for your accessible project files based on the file extension (like PDF, DOCX, etc.). To get results using this API parameter, specify the required file extension while selecting the filter criteria.

aSync (Beta)

  • Remove unwanted local copy of files being edited from aSync

    From the 'Files being edited' tab in aSync window, you are now able to remove any unwanted local copy of your project files, using the 'Delete File' icon available against the file record. A prompt will appear to confirm before the local copy of selected project file gets deleted.

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