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New Features / Enhancements - 12th May, 2024
New Features / Enhancements - 12th May, 2024
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New Features / Enhancements - 12th May, 2024

Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • Copy files from one project folder to another
    Copy files within the project to another folder, or from a folder in one project to a folder in another project having same geography as per project configuration. Helps save time and efforts whenever you need to create identical or similar files from scratch, reduces chances of errors, and gives you more flexibility when managing a large number of files.
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  • Automatically resume failed Workflows
    A new configuration is introduced in system tasks, which, once enabled, automatically resumes the execution of groovy scripts three times in a row.
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  • Trigger a workflow while forwarding a form message
    You can now trigger workflow even while forwarding a form message. This is in addition to many other events that are already supported for triggering workflows in context of forms. These events include - creating a form or its response, changing status, editing original message and while using integration connector.
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  • Define a record retention policy for your Organization
    As an organization administrator, you can now configure rules for retaining the records related to your registered organization, which includes projects (default or project specific) where your organization is defined as owner organization, as well as its files and forms, as per policy configuration. Accordingly:

    • All existing and new records matching the selected configuration get permanently deleted automatically as per the activity defined in set schedule.

    • An email notification is sent for files deleted or to be deleted.

    • You will have access to view history of records deleted or to be deleted.

    Don't have a specific record retention plan? Need not worry! Your records only get affected, if a record retention policy is defined by your organization and based on its configuration.
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  • Delete all versions of a file simultaneously
    While deleting a file, you will get an option to decide whether you want to delete all versions of selected file as applicable. No need to delete file revisions individually every time.
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  • Update on Dashboard Gadget Limitations
    To ensure optimized performance when working with dashboard gadgets, a maximum of 10 gadgets are allowed in a single dashboard now onwards.
    In case you have more than 10 gadgets in a single dashboard, it is advisable to split such dashboards at your earliest convenience by creating new dashboards with a maximum of 10 gadgets each. Use the 'Clone Dashboard' option to quickly copy any of your existing dashboard including its gadgets.
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AppBuilder Tool

  • Introducing New Rating Control
    You can now ask your users to give ratings to specific content or service based on various parameters, by adding the new rating control in your AppBuilder form templates. A rating field will have a minimum and a maximum limit - like 1 to 5, 1 to 10, etc. - which can be separately configured as required.
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  • Clear inline attachments in a form field via graphical scripting
    The custom function 'Set Value' is now supported to work with inline form attachments. This can be helpful in specific scenarios. For example, if you need to clear inline attachments in your forms based on certain conditions, it is now possible via graphical scripting.
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  • Show validation message via browser using graphical scripting
    A new custom function 'Set Alert Message' is introduced which enables you to configure a browser alert message to guide users via graphical scripting, if the value received from the user in a form field is not valid as per your form design.
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  • Edit issue details using right click options
    You can now simply right click on an issue from the model issues listing and select 'Edit' to find appropriate options for editing its attribute details or change its status.

Asite Marketplace

  • Improved search interface and additional filter options
    The search interface is now improved with better utilization of available screen space. Additionally, more filter options are available for you to search organisations in the directory as well as your trading partner organizations, based on their profile details. Additional search filters include - accreditations, insurance, work sector and compliance.


  • Set rules on project folders with configurable attributes
    As per existing functionality, you can create rules on project folders having simple upload enabled. Now, you can also set rules on project folders having configurable attributes applied on them.

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