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File Viewer Overview

This articles helps you get an overview about Asite File Viewer

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All files and drawings uploaded to Asite can be viewed using the Asite File Viewer, including video files in .mp4 and .webm format. Asite provides users with an ability to view files whether they have the appropriate software or not.

For help regarding standard functionalities available while viewing any file in your Asite project, click here.

For help regarding functionalities available specifically in Universal Web Viewer on Asite, click here.

For help on viewing video files on your Asite project, click here.

For help on viewing ZIP or RAR file contents on your Asite project, click here.

Comparison of Universal Web Viewer before and after Asite 20.5 release

Before Asite 20.5

After Asite 20.5

Click on the relevant topic to understand how to perform a particular function within the file viewer.

Doc Ref - To view the document reference of this file.

Status Change - To change the status of this file.

File Tasks - To view and complete your pending tasks on this file revision.

View Superseded Revisions - To view superseded revisions i.e. all the previous revisions on this file.

Doc Title - To view the document title of this file.

Download & Download Preferences - To download this file revision / set preferences to get additional download options.

Share Link - To share the link of this file revision with other users.

File Distribution - To distribute this file revision with other project team members for tasks to be completed within the due date.

aMessages - To view ongoing discussions on this file revision.

Attachments & Associations - To view attachments & associations on this file revision.

Edit Attributes - To edit and update existing attributes of this file.

Create Form - To create a form by associating this file revision.

Start / Stop Watching - To start / stop keeping a watch of activities performed on this file.

More Options - To see more options available for this file.

Task Tools - To toggle the sidebar, add and save markup, change selection mode.

View Controls - To zoom in and zoom out, fit all, fit width, change page display settings and rotate pages, hide or show markups of this file.

Markup Tools - To select various tools available for creating file markups.

Measurement Tools - To measure line, polyline, polygon, rectangle, circle and measure count.

Other Items - To search file text, view the file in full screen mode or print the file.

Start Meeting - To start a meeting using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.

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