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New Features / Enhancements - 23rd September 2023
New Features / Enhancements - 23rd September 2023
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New Features / Enhancements - 23rd September 2023

Common Data Environment

  • Display of Geotag Information for all Form Attachments & Associations
    Previously, if a project was enabled for capturing geotag information, related information was displayed for attachments and/or associations on forms enabled in 'Sites' module as applicable. Now, geotag information is extended and displayed for all form attachments and/or associations as applicable (once geotag is enabled on project). This includes information like latitude, longitude and altitude, along with map view of the selected location.
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  • Renamed 'Collaboration' edition to 'CDE'
    The 'Collaboration' edition in Asite Platform is now renamed to 'CDE' (Common Data Environment), making the edition name more meaningful.
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  • Ability to bulk-apply properties to multiple selected controls
    While designing forms with AppBuilder, you might have observed that many of the properties (like styling and padding options) work similarly between the different controls you are configuring. To improve upon your experience while working on form designs with such configuration, a separate 'Multi-Select Properties' option is introduced. With this new option, you are now able to select multiple controls and configure a set of common properties between them.

    How does it work?

    Say you want to change background color of some or all of the controls in your design, all you will need to do is:

    • Select the required controls in form designer

    • Open 'Multi-Select Properties' option

    • Select the styling or properties you wish to apply

    • Save your changes

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  • Enhancements to Asite Revit Plugin
    With the Asite Revit Plugin, you can now download Revit models accessible to you on Asite by selecting project and the federated model created on Asite. Within Revit, you can open each of the Revit model files added to the created model on Asite, and also view and manage issues created on them.
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  • Enhancements to Asite Navisworks Plugin
    With the Asite Navisworks Plugin, you can now attach a converted .NWF version of your model file to Asite. NWF contains all the settings of Navisworks Manage based on model opened during the session for the selected file like current view and clash results. Whenever you open the same model next time in Navisworks Manage, you can load the relevant NWF file that was attached earlier based on date and time. It will help you to continue working on same model with the view and clash results as per the session specific to selected NWF.
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Asite Marketplace

  • Invite Any User from Supplier Org for Prequalification
    Previously, while sending an invite for prequalification, buyers could only select key contact (i.e. primary contact) from supplier organization as applicable. Now, buyers will have an option to invite any user from supplier organization, by entering their contact details like name and email address. In case the email address entered is already registered with Asite as a user under selected supplier organization, their details will be pre-populated automatically.


  • Security Enhancement: Support for 2-Factor Authentication
    The security of aMail Outlook Plugin has been enhanced to support the Enterprise password policy for 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). To access aMail Outlook Plugin, users must now enter the secret code that was emailed to their registered email address. This only applies if the policy has been enabled for your organization. Please contact your Administrator or Asite Helpdesk to enable this setting.

    How does it work?

    * The user inputs their login credentials to access aMail App.

    * After successful authentication, the user receives an email with a secret code to their registered email address.

    * The user inputs the secret code in aMail Outlook Plugin

    * Congratulations, you have successfully logged into aMail App and have access to your data.

    Note: 2FA must be enabled in the password policy as a pre-requisite.
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  • Ability to Limit external Asite API calls by User
    Asite allows you to set an overall limit to the number of external Asite API calls made by a user based on a set time duration (in minutes, hours or days). To set such a limit for your organization users, reach out to your Asite Professional Services Consultant or drop us an email with required details.
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