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New Features / Enhancements - 29th September 2023
New Features / Enhancements - 29th September 2023
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New Features / Enhancements - 29th September 2023

Common Data Environment

  • Incomplete task gadgets have a new 'Refresh' option

    Asite manages Big Data, and we have caching technologies in place to guarantee a quick and seamless user experience. We have introduced the caching framework for dashboard gadgets now.

    Previously, when a user lands on the dashboard, all of the gadgets were immediately refreshed, regardless of any changes. This resulted in recalculations of such massive amounts of data, which slowed down user performance. The task gadgets are now cached after the user logs into Asite. By just clicking the new "Refresh" icon or when the user reloads the browser, this is quickly refreshed. All of this is done to guarantee enhanced speed and a smooth user experience.

AppBuilder Tool

  • New and Improved Design Interface in AppBuilder Designer
    We are thrilled to introduce a new user interface, showcasing a fresh and modern look to the AppBuilder tool. The new interface empowers App Designers to craft responsive forms, specially tailored for mobile devices. This fresh design is optional, allowing Designers to seamlessly transition to the new view, which can also be easily applied to existing designs. The controls, including dropdowns, text boxes, attachments, and repeating tables, have been revamped to offer a fresh and enhanced experience for end users.
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  • Option to Remove Selected/All Controls while Designing Forms
    Previously, you could only remove controls from your form design by selecting them one by one. You are now able to select multiple controls simultaneously and remove them in one go or remove all controls simultaneously (irrespective of the selection) as well if required.
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Asite Marketplace

  • Improved Experience while working with Draft Forms
    Once a form is saved in marketplace view as a draft, the form originators (whether buyer or supplier) can now directly access them later in an editable draft view from the respective listing area (without the need to go to form view and then editing the draft which involved an extra step). From the same view, existing draft form message can also be discarded if required.

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